Giotech can provide the perfect point-of-sale technology for all your retail needs.

Transactions measured and logged for key strategic decisions
Special offers and promotions, discounts, bulk deals
Multichannel service solutions
High demand goods ordering
Future sales forecasting to manage stock demand

We make sure all your business transactions are measured and logged for your key strategic decisions. Whether you need to ensure your products are included in a bank holiday special offer, specific products need discounting or you’d like to do a bulk deal on a certain goods. We can provide you with a suitable multichannel service solutions.

Our EPOS solutions enable you to order goods when they are in high demand, give you forecasts for future sales resulting in no surplus stock and no out of stock embarrassments.

The retail EPOS system we provide does not just help your sales increase through the ease of promotions. This service is so important and beneficial for your floor staff as they can readily see information on stock levels throughout the company giving them a speedy advantage when asked those difficult on the spot questions.

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